Monday, 20 June 2011

Tarot: The Devil and what it represents in love.

As you may have expected, The Devil is not a positive tarot card to draw in matters regarding love. Quite often it represents themes such as oppression.

The Devil in love tarot warns against trying to buy the love of others. This doesn't just appertain to relationships that are sexual, it also relates to platonic and familial relationships. It warns that buying the love of others will not create a love that is long lasting and fulfilling.

When it comes to problems in relationships The Devil is often closely related to arguments and stresses regarding material concerns. It warns against focusing on these too much and it advises that placing less focus on material abundance would be progressive.

In relation to casual connections and affairs, The Devil warns against being tempted by lust, it advises taking a precautionary and clear approach to your sexual desires if they are steering you from your moral compass.

The Devil Reversed

When The Devil presents itself as being reversed it is a serious warning against becoming obsessed with money and power, it is guiding you to strike a sense of balance within your relationship.

It can also often indicate that you are bound to a relationship that is not doing you any good and it clearly states that the relationship never will do any good. There is a sense of emotional repression surrounding the relationship, you need to escape and tend to your own needs.

In relation to past lovers The Devil represents having your mind captured and bound. Again, this is not a good thing, this past lover is serving to prevent you from being happy with what you have around you. He is causing you to focus too much on the past.

On a more sexual level, The Devil reversed is talking of sexual desires that are about to be acted out.

What does The Devil not represent?

The Devil does not in any way represent evil spirits.  It is easy to look at this card when it is drawn and panic, however The Devil is an image that is metaphorical, try to look in to the image and think about what you see. Try not to panic when you get this card in a reading, but do take some time to think about what it could mean on a deeper level.

Love and light!

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